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About Us


About Kim's Candy Buffet

Kim's Candy Buffet is the premier candy buffet company in Boston, MA and serves most all other communities throughout Massachusetts. (Please see a listing of our preferred towns below). Our signature candy creations elicit excitement and WOWs wherever they turn up. We have a vast assortment of apothecary jars, candies, linens, LED lighting and complementary display pieces to seamlessly integrate our candy buffets with your party theme.


Below you will find our most frequently asked questions:


Q. Is it worth it for me to hire you or should I make my own candy buffet?


A. Unfortunately, if you're trying to save money by making your own candy buffet, more often than not, you're going to spend more than it would cost to hire us and it may not be nearly as beautiful. We are simply better equipped to handle your needs. Not to mention you can enjoy the party and relax while we take care of everything!


Q. What is involved in setting up a candy buffet?


A. Frankly, a lot. There is a lot of preparation involved in designing and implementing the perfect candy buffet. For starters we will be working directly with you or your event coordinator to craft a display that best suits your desires, including which types of candies you'd like and the amounts of each candy; from there we will perform the following:


  • Transport all necessary equipment directly to your venue

  • Setup the candy display with glass apothecary jars, customized candy scoops, and bags or boxes for your guests to put the candy in

  • Utilize pre-defined table decorations such as lifts, table cloths, lights, flowers, and signage.

  • Take down the display, re-package any existing candy, and remove all remaining equipment from your venue


Q. How much does a candy buffet cost?

A. Several factors determine the price of a candy buffet such as the number of guests you'll be serving at your event, the number of different candy types, and the event location.


With that being said, you can view a price outline here, of what you can expect to pay for one of our custom candy tables. Keep in mind there is also a minimum delivery charge in addition to the per-person cost. Specialty candies and custom candy creations will also incur an upcharge. 

About Me

Lifelong Princess and Disney fanatic. Check out my candy king's Disney Instagram @kingdomconquerors

Preferred Town List:


Woburn, MA. , Burlington, MA. , Lexington, MA. ,Winchester, MA. , Reading, MA. , Weston, MA. , Sudbury, MA. , Wayland, MA. , Concord, MA. , Carlisle, MA. , Boston, MA. , Lincoln, MA. , Stoneham, MA. , Tewksbury, MA. , Billerica, MA. , Waltham, MA. , Arlington, MA., Brookline, MA. , Newton, MA. , Framingham, MA. , Wellesley, MA. , Natick, MA., Cambridge, MA. , Bedford, MA. , Lynnfield, MA., Quincy, MA., Bedford, MA.

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